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Randall J. Patton

Scientific R&D Consulting

I am a retired professional physical scientist with a career in research and development for a private company (26 years). My expertise includes


Proposal writing                 Project technical support                  Project management                     Marketing


As a consultant I can support both short and longer term commitments, a flexible schedule and reasonable travel, including on a regular basis locally (LA area). I am also available for field test support for data collection, test monitoring and guidance. 


Career overview


Sr. Research Scientist/Program Manager: Applied Signal Technology, Inc (AST)*

  • November 1981 to May 2008


Program Manager/Principal Investigator on range of projects


  • Multiple classified government-sponsored Non-Acoustic Anti-Submarine Warfare (NAASW) technology programs.

  • Ocean optics instrumentation

  • Physical-statistical simulation development and application

  • Algorithm development for detection processing and system analysis

  • Software development, implementation and testing


Won several proposals for Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) projects involving ocean instrumentation and advanced surveillance algorithms.


Participated in multiple field trials from the Arctic to the Equator; SCUBA certified.


Top Secret Clearance/SCI




M.S.           Physical Oceanography         Massachusetts Institute of Technology            1981

B.A.            Applied Mathematics            University of California, Berkeley                     1976




Retired in Los Angeles area. Married with adult daughter. I enjoy outdoor activities, tutoring and volunteering as an Advanced Mathematics and Oceanography Expert on the All Experts website. Also studying German.


5 Silverleaf Drive

Rolling Hills Estates, CA 90274

310-630-9521(cell) 375-0645 (home)



References available on request. 


* Formerly Dynamics Technology, Inc.


Work Experience


  • High resolution Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS) development and testing (2007-2008) 

Program management and technical support and for AST’s Towed SAS (TSAS) IR&D 

Multiple field trials: Buzzards Bay (New Bedford), Georges Bank, Kings Bay, Baltimore Harbor


  • Ballistic MIssile Defense (BMD) proposal development (2004-2008)

Subcontract lead to prime contractor

Technology evaluation, systems engineering for boost, mid-course and terminal stage concepts

Presentation materials, proposal section write-ups


  • Landmine detection system development (DARPA) (2003-2006) 

Laboratory development and testing of laser-based prototype detection system

Deployment and testing of field system using acoustic sources

MATLAB-based analysis suite


  • Guidance algorithm development for a major classified surveillance system (2000–2004)

IPT Lead; Subcontractor to prime

Physics and control theory based algorithms for automated multiple-component system operations

Complete testing of algorithms using full system simulation

System now operational


  • Detection of covert ship operations (1997-2001)

Phase I & II SBIR (Office of Naval Research)

Development of non-matched filter based detection of anomalous ship tracks

Design and software development of cluster-based probability map

Tested using LA freeway traffic data and actual ship tracks (Kernel Blitz off Camp Pendleton)

Successful concept was further developed to become AST's Automated Anomaly Detection Processor (AADP)


  • Ocean Biosensor concept development (1995-1999)

Office of Naval Research (ONR)

Analysis of sampling and deployment tactics for ultra-high sensitivity instrument

Signal predictions and detection analysis


  • Ship wake detection by Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) (1988-1999)

Physics and statistical modeling of SAR ship wake imagery

Signal and clutter models

Utilized end-to-end SAR simulation for development and testing


  • Moored Optical Particle Size and Settling measurement (1992-1995) 

Phase I and II SBIR (Department of Energy)

Prototype design, fabrication and testing of ocean instrument

Scatterometer and shadow graph components to measure particle sizes 2-20,000 microns

Optical, mechanical and flow testing in laboratory

Field deployments (including SCUBA) off Catalina (Southern CA)


  • Ocean sensors (1989-1992)

Expendable Bathyphotometer (bioluminescence measurements); Phase I SBIR (ONR)

Particle size measurements using reticles; Phase I SBIR (ONR)

Bathyphotometer design support and data analysis (UC Santa Barbara; NAVOCEANO)

Combined ocean scattering & transmission sensor (IR&D); White Paper


  • Ocean bioluminescence studies for major Navy program (1988-1994)

Modeling of source-to-sensor transfer function for underwater targets

Modeling of mechanical light generation process

Analysis of ocean and laboratory data

Field test support


  • Analysis of ocean features using towed thermistor chain measurements (1982-1990)

Navy programs

Statistical-physical modeling of ocean processes

Ocean data analysis

Detection algorithm design and testing

Software development

Tactics simulation

Field test support


  • Measurement of vibrations in arctic ice floes (1986-1989)


Physics modeling, data analysis and detection processing

Field operations: Geophone deployment and data collection (ICEX 1987)

- 7 week deployment at 80+ degrees North latitude


  • PI (1982) Turbulent flow measurements using a Hydro-resistance Anemometer

Laboratory measurements

Software development

Data analysis


  • Graduate school (MIT-Woods Hole Joint Program)

6 week field test in equatorial Indian Ocean

Full depth vertical profiling of currents, water properties

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