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I am a volunteer Expert in Advanced Mathematics and Oceanography on this ask-an-expert website. The Math questions represent a broad range in sophistication (eg. from basic to abstract algebra). Although I reject most obvious homework problems, I do enjoy supplying well-crafted answers to simpler questions when the questioner is really trying to understand the concepts.  It is also satisfying to be able to quickly provide a useful answer to a curious and/or frustrated questioner who is not particularly math oriented. The harder questions keep me on my toes.


Click on link to bring up the website:


All Experts


I have answered over 500 questions so far.  Here is a link to the questions and my answers (it also includes a few relating to Oceanography):


Questions and Answers


I received very positive responses from the questioners. Here is a link to them:





Volunteering for this website has been a very rewarding experience for me.


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