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Randall J. Patton


I am a retired physical scientist with an interest in applying the skills and experience I've developed over the years to help businesses, organizations and individuals. This website presents information on my background and current interests.






As detailed in my Resume, I have 26+ years as a professional scientist with a small private Research and Development (R&D) company in the Los Angeles area. My degrees are in Applied Mathematics (BS) and Physical Oceanography (MS). These were a perfect match for the type of applied research projects, mainly government-funded, that the company specialized in.


In retirement, I have kept up my passion for math and science through volunteer "ask-an-expert" work, tutoring and researching and solving problems that piqued my curiosity.


Based on my expertise I can offer consulting services in Research and Development (R&D) in the areas of:

 Proposal writing


  • Scope, outline, prose

  • Costing

  • ​​RFP compliance

  • SBIRs

Project technical support


  • Research & analysis

  • Data analysis & simulation

  • Instrumentation design

  • Software development

  • Field support

Project management


  • Team leadership

  • ​Cost & Deliverables

  • Documentation



  • Market research

  • Presentations & white papers

  • Customer interaction

I have included a full resume on this website: see Resume - Consulting. 


Examples of my writing as well as my analysis skills and interests are included on this website in a collection of Studies that I have conducted both during my professional career and post-retirement.


I have also been active as a volunteer expert in Advanced Mathematics and Oceanography on the ask-an-expert website All Experts. Please see the All Experts webpage for examples of the questions I've answered.


I also enjoy being a tutor in math, physics and statistics at the AP and college level (see Tutoring webpage).




Contact information: 





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